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VOGUE VS Fashion Blogger

As fashion bloggers gained an audience, in today’s world we called it influence, a lot of brand start to partner with them for advertising campaign, events and other marketing efforts. People are more likely follow what bloggers say and recommend rather than what magazines write. It makes a huge impact, more over these fashion bloggers [...]

VOGUE VS Fashion Blogger 2016-12-14T01:08:15+00:00

Sparkling wine – A new challenger in the spirit & wine industry

Prosecco, an italian sparkling wine is a growing success abroad thanks to its lighness and price. This new beverage is so attractive and now competiting with champagne in some countries such as United States of America and United Kingdom. Prosecco is very appreciated for its sweetness, it is not as dry as champagne, and between [...]

Sparkling wine – A new challenger in the spirit & wine industry 2017-01-04T21:14:40+00:00

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Who doesn’t know Harry Potter and its magical world? A fictional continuation of fantasy written by J.K Rowling it is still a phenomenon. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a chain of themed areas at Universal Parks and Resorts based on the Harry Potter media franchise, adapting elements from the film series. It is [...]

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter 2016-12-14T00:23:44+00:00

L’Oréal – New make up boutique

For those who have not yet had the chance to discover the new boutique of the brand, it is also possible to visit L'Oréal's official website in 360 °. We invite you to go there as soon as possible, to experience an unusual boutique. On September 29, 2016, on the occasion of the Paris Fashion [...]

L’Oréal – New make up boutique 2016-12-15T04:03:44+00:00

Tim Walker : The Story Teller

Timothy “Tim Walker” born in 1970 in the UK, is a British fashion photographer, who works regularly for magazines such as Vogue, W magazine, LOVE, and whose photographs are subject to permanent collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. At the age of 25 after being a full time assistant [...]

Tim Walker : The Story Teller 2016-12-14T00:00:03+00:00

Dior Institute – A real experience

Come and discover "A space out of time where the senses awaken". For a sublime beauty and a service that emphasizes tailor-made, it is essential to come immediately to take time to be at the Dior Institute. To sublimate the beauty of women, the Dior Institute combines the know-how of expert gestures with the efficiency [...]

Dior Institute – A real experience 2016-12-15T00:03:49+00:00

La nuit Trésor Lancôme – The new caress fragrance

This new fragrance of skin exalts a new expression of the rose, carnal and addictive interwoven with noble ingredients, in total fusion with the skin. Featuring a soft heart of Damascena rose essence, flushed with white musk and interwoven with an unctuous tunic tonka beans, this suave and carnal diamond is like a caress flush [...]

La nuit Trésor Lancôme – The new caress fragrance 2016-12-15T03:49:54+00:00

5 Most Successful Fashion Photographer

The hardest part in fashion world is that it’s such a visual  industry. No matter how talented a designer can be at sewing or stitching fabrics together, the end result always has to “look” amazing. For this reason, photographers who shoot fashion campaigns and high-end fashion magazine editorials are treasured in fashion. A lot of [...]

5 Most Successful Fashion Photographer 2016-12-14T01:39:28+00:00

Guerlain – New concept

Guerlain opened the doors of a new boutique exclusively dedicated to perfume at 392 rue Saint Honoré in Paris. A trip to the universe of Guerlain fragrances, in homage to the perfumer's profession that has made the House famous since 1828. To mark the memory, to arouse emotions, to provoke sensations ... The perfumes have [...]

Guerlain – New concept 2017-01-04T21:25:07+00:00


Sometimes there is a moment where you cannot describe or even translate a scents to a language. For example, what is the scents of a champagne? It is hard to describe, isn’t it? Sometimes all we need is the reminder of other senses. Biologically, we respond to aroma in a very powerful way that is [...]

The OPHONE 2016-12-13T23:43:25+00:00

Palm Hotel & Spa – Reunion Island

The PALM Hotel & Spa is a part of this new generation of high-end hotels, which blend designer comfort, subtle luxury and a Zen atmosphere. Set in the very heart of an authentic and preserved environment, the PALM Hotel & Spa welcomes you for your stay on Réunion Island, giving you total calm and serenity. [...]

Palm Hotel & Spa – Reunion Island 2016-12-15T02:35:18+00:00

The Palm Dubai

Famous and very exclusive, The Palm is an oasis of seaside. The hotel offers an exceptional place in a contemporary and chic atmosphere, in the heart of the cosmopolitan energy of Dubai. One and only is the perfect place to discover the charms of Dubai. Yannick Alléno, starred chef of the Michelin guide, offers the [...]

The Palm Dubai 2016-12-14T22:42:18+00:00

INDONESIA : 100 Countries in One

From Sabang to Marauke , from the famous Bali to Raja Ampat, Indonesia has been always one of the most touristic destination. Containing 17,508 – 18,306 islands and 8,844 that have been named according to estimates made by the Government of Indonesia, with 922 of those permanently inhabited and over 300 languages are spoken across [...]

INDONESIA : 100 Countries in One 2016-12-13T23:23:27+00:00

Tea Time at Baccarat Hotel – NYC

Precious casket of light, let you carry in the sumptuous Baccarat Hotel located in the heart of Manhattan in the emblematic city of NYC. The 114-room property redefines opulence, with coyote-skin armchairs and silk-lined walls, 17 custom-made chandeliers, and 15,000 pieces of Baccarat crystal stemware scattered throughout. But also, Baccarat Hotel New York is delighted to offer [...]

Tea Time at Baccarat Hotel – NYC 2016-12-15T02:20:19+00:00

EX NIHILO : A Scent by The Challanger

In this very competitive world, people can personalized almost everything. Start from sneakers to cars, so why not perfume? Ex Nihilo, a luxury French perfume corporative looking to shake up the conservative perfume industry, offers a niche collection of scents that can be subtly customized to be best suit to the wearer. Inspired by both [...]

EX NIHILO : A Scent by The Challanger 2016-12-13T23:14:59+00:00

Ritz Paris – The rebirth

After four years of renovation, the Ritz reopened on June 6th. The Ritz Paris is reborn and invites you to live the renewal of the City of Light. Freshly restored, its grandiose decors and its cozy intimacy allow you to rediscover the inimitable atmosphere of this French way of life. It's time to enjoy a [...]

Ritz Paris – The rebirth 2016-12-15T01:29:07+00:00

Kate Moss Inc.

Kate Moss who is also known as the world famous supermodel is building her new empire. Started from becoming the face of Calvin Klein to the hundreds of VOGUE’s cover, Kate Moss indeed is an icon in fashion industry. For almost three decades, she has been the most photographed person in the world and has [...]

Kate Moss Inc. 2016-12-13T23:03:55+00:00

Free The Nipples

The movement “Free the nipple” stems from a simple question : while men can quietly take off their shirt as soon as the sun begins to point his nose, why do women may not do the same? By bringing the gender quality issue, it created a question about whether the nipple of a woman is really [...]

Free The Nipples 2016-12-13T22:46:18+00:00

Ladurée – Welcome in the digital’s era

The French pastry shop Ladurée, known for its macaroons, has entrusted Emakina with its international digital strategy. For three years, the agency will be responsible for the development of the new digital experience of the brand and the deployment of its ominican services, integrating the shops and restaurants Ladurée on an international scale. Thanks to [...]

Ladurée – Welcome in the digital’s era 2017-01-04T21:23:06+00:00

Rich Kids Showing Off

Nowadays in the luxury industry we need to be ready of the new client. Know not only the adult can afford luxury products. But these jet set kids, so called “rich kids of instagram”, they also can afford luxury product. Being inspired by the Kardashian young generation, these generation with age between 15-20 years old, [...]

Rich Kids Showing Off 2016-12-13T22:36:36+00:00


Emakina Group has grown into a leading independent European group of cutting edge communication agencies. 700 experts working from 15 offices in 8 European countries guide clients through their digital transformation.With its global network of partners, Emakina helps local and international clients to develop better customer experiences, new lines of business, and quite simply to [...]

EMAKINA AGENCY 2017-01-04T22:05:49+00:00

Advertising Nowadays

How we define advertising? Simply it is a form of communication that is meant to attract and persuade an audience. Advertising is everywhere. It is surely has became our dominant creative industry. But what about the question of does creative advertising make a big impact on the society nowadays? Creative advertising is more memorable and [...]

Advertising Nowadays 2016-12-13T22:18:59+00:00

BaselWorld – The watch and jewelry show

Every year, the watchmaking and jewelery industry meet in Switzerland in the city of Basel to participate in the famous event that is called Baselworld. An unavoidable meeting that brings together indispensable and prestigious brands of this industry. With renowned partners such as : BBC world news, Swiss international airlines, fedex express, Maserati ... Beyond [...]

BaselWorld – The watch and jewelry show 2016-12-15T03:41:00+00:00


I had the incredible luck to take part to A unique event around luxury with some of the biggest players in the market. For the second edition, CREA Geneva school has opened to the public and professionals a conference around luxury and technology. The opportunity to learn and to provide a global vision of these issues, to [...]

LUXURY DAY 2017-01-04T21:49:05+00:00