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Exhibition: Nick Night

  Nick Night is Among the World's Most Influential photographers and visionary, and founder and director of award-winning fashion website As a fashion photographer, He Has Consistently Challenged conventional notions of beauty and HAS done creative collaborations with leading designers Including Yohji Yamamoto, John Galliano Alexander Mcqueen. And there-have-been exhibitions around the world and [...]

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The Most Artistic Magazines

Here are the most artistic magazines. <The Gentlewoman>, the magazine from United Kingdom, is focused on woman, writing art, fashion, and music. <Apartamento>, is magazine about interior. In the magazine, we can see various maison of artists, for example, Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-linh Tran, the hottest designers in these days. <Magazine B> is new type [...]

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Korean Shoes Brands

Veronica for London Veronica shoes for London is a brand based in Seoul, South Korea. The concept of the brand Is That "For my love, Veronica." And here, Veronica is one's wife so the concept is que le husband shoes made for His wife. So all the products give us warm, comfortable feeling. All products [...]

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Petite Luxurious Time in Café in Paris

Le Café Suédois, located 11 Rue Payenne, 75003 Paris, is the place people can feel Sweden in France. Les Philosophes, located 28 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75004 Paris is the place where you can eat or drink. Caffe Boboli, located 13 Rue du Roi de Sicile, 75004 Paris, is an italian cafe. The most special [...]

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New Photographers to notice

Today, I'm going to Introduce Some photographers Their Own Who-have styles qui single trigger emotions. And from Their photography, you will be ble to get inspired or Healed senses. Rala Choi Rala Choi is a Korean photographer and she works for fashion photography or art photography. Her pictures are special In Their colors. Sometimes her [...]

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Department stores in London

  There are four department stores which are represented London. Harrods, Liberty London, Selfridges and John Lewis are that. Harrods is located on Brompton Road in Knightbridge, London, right besides to Hyde Park. It opened at 1849. The whole building is 6 stairs, and the staffs working in Harrods are over 5000. It is really [...]

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Visual Music Artists based in Korea

People are seeking for beautiful things so we see, listen and feel. These three senses Can Be Fulfilled if factoring thesis three are in perfect harmony. These are two three Labels for your senses.   IAB Studio It was started with the artwork for Korean rapper Beenzino's single album [Dali, Van, Picasso] . IAB Studio [...]

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Department Stores in Paris

There are three representative department stores in Paris. Le Bon Marché, Galeries Lafayette and Printemps are that. Le Bon Marché is the oldest department store in Paris. It opened in 1852 in Sèvres Babylone. Galeries Lafayette is the biggest department store in Paris. It opened in 1895 in boulevard Haussmann, near Opéra. There are three [...]

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Musicians of Street Luxury

Oh Hyuk of HyukOh Band Oh Hyuk, this is the very name of the musician. He collaborates with musicians --other goal aussi He Has His Own band named HyukOh Band. It est devenu famous with the debut song "Wing Wing" in 2014. In the band, members and 4 are therer They are all born in [...]

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Au Bon Marché – La Cave Rive Gauche

Located right beside ‘Le Bon Marché’, ‘La Cave Rive Gauche’ is famous for its epicerie. They selected groceries for high tasted customers. It is also famous for its history. It opened in 1852 by Aristide Boucicaut. It focused on 5 parts, la grand epicerie, groceries, fresh produce, the wine cellar, production kitchens is that. There [...]

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Aesthetics of Empty Space

There is a word. "Simple is the Best." It is more difficulty to more than empt out and add. Minimalism qui concentrates on the gasoline Taking out unnecessities has-been expanded to various fields Including music, fashion, philosophy and architecture. In recent trend of Minimal Interior, it is Consist by personal lifestyle more than unifersal Following [...]

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Clubs in Paris

There are several clubbing spots in Paris. Le Pompon, Rex, Le Queen, Silencio, Le Baron, … Le Pompon is located in basement in somewhere in 10th quartier. And the hottest club during Paris Fashion Week. It is created by the members of Pigalle, fashion brand based on Paris. Silencio is located in Montmartre. The owner of [...]

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Brands for Minimal Objects

 Minimum Something can give our eyes the satisfaction without huge effort. And here are three brands qui will make your private experience richer than before in the title of minimalism.   CLEMT CLEMT is a brand by CLEMENTINE, qui est based in Orange County, California. CLEMENTINE Specializes in top quality prototyping for major global electronics, [...]

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Honne Concert

One of the hottest group in these days is Honne. British Group Honne are playing electronic music and pop-rock / folk. They are throwing concerts all over the world: Paris, London, Seoul, Tokyo, ... Arising singer-songwriter James Hersey will be together.   Soyeong LEE

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Tesla Motors

Moving to save the earth has-been Undergoing in 21th century with the slogan; SAVE THE ENVIROMNET. And it is Becoming Somewhat stuffy. But here one Seems to be ble to break this atmosphere, Tesla Motors. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors is now so a Well Known celebrity as the model of Iron Man. [...]

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Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s brand, The Row revealed 2017 resort collection. In their look book, they casted the nearly 50 Frederique van der Wal and Audra Avizienis to star alongside Olga Sherer and Jada Joyce. All four models wear very little makeup, and their images appear so pure.   Soyeong LEE


Little Luxury in Paris

Kong restaurant is located right beside of Pont Neuf. It is famous for represent in the Sex and the City in 2003. After that, Kong restaurant keeps the hottest restaurant in Paris. The most featured interior of the restaurant is chairs. On each chair, there is a photo of Asian Girl. After doing new decoration [...]

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Fashionable Korean Eyewear Houses

Eyewear has a power to make the style to be complete. Here are four Korean house eyewear brands.   MUZIK Muzik aims to be a part of one’s daily life beyond borderlines, generation, culture and sex with MUSIC-MOTIF. Muzik thinks that eyewears are infinite tools to share lots of idea and stories and it tries [...]

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Macaron in Paris

Apparently Paris is the city of macaron. Pierre Hermé and La Durée is one of the most famous one in Paris. Pierre Hermé was called “the Picasso of Pastry” by Vogue. Pierre Hermé has invented a totally original world of tastes, sensations and pleasures. La Durée is with luxury salon de thé. It was opened [...]

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Online Concept Store

Featured on various unique and established designers, some retail brand made their new home in online. Founded in 2005, La Garçonne is an online fashion retailer specializing in the elegantly understated. Headquartered in New York City and serviced globally, it embodies a way of life. Featured collection from both established and emerging designers move easily [...]

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Perfume House based in Korea: Scentlier

The scent can be one's signing Itself. Would not it be nice if That We Could make our own scent? There is a scent named atlier Scentlier , qui is the combination of two words, "Scent" and "Atlier". Scentlier has "Customizing perfume class" so you can make your own scent and learn how to make [...]

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Lifestyle Magazines based in Seoul

  Contemporary society is full of things and growing number of people are wanting to set Their Own lifestyle while getting information in the data ocean. Sometimes, it's not easy to get the very information Especially about the subject we're interested in Because, information is scattered everywhere. HOWEVER, it's not bad to Become Slower than [...]

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Korean designers in Paris Collection

Paris Collection is the race for various designers and is the dream for lots of designers worldwide. Especially, there are two menswear designers Who are Korean-born and making Their dreams come true in the very race Paris Collection; Juun.J by Jung Wook-jun and Wooyoungmi by the designer Woo Young-mi.   Juun. J Spring 2017 Menswear [...]

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