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About the communication of champaign houses

The big champagne houses, only use non-media (Below the Line) communication and packaging in accordance with the Evin law. The loi Évin is the French alcohol and tobacco policy law passed in 1991. It takes its name from Claude Évin, then Minister of Health, who proposed it to parliament. Thanks to their complex communication, the [...]

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Luxury brands and humanitarian

It is already taken for granted that luxury brands should aim at a better transparency in the coming years. It means brand should have full control over their supply chain and their employees’ working condition to guarantee their customers they’re not hurting anyone or anything when purchasing the brand’s products. Yet, this may not be [...]

Luxury brands and humanitarian 2018-11-14T23:40:42+00:00

ALMAS, the most expensive caviar in the world

Having Persian word origins khag-avar, which means "egg generator », Caviar is, undeniably, the most luxurious and exclusive food known to mankind. Almas’s caviar is considered the most expensive one in the world. Caviar of this brand comes from Iran et obviously, it’s that with a huge rarity.  The kilo of caviar from Almas is 25.000 [...]

ALMAS, the most expensive caviar in the world 2018-11-14T15:24:47+00:00

Luxury and Big Data

Imagine next time you enter your favorite store, your phone vibrates in your pocket and a pop-up appears to welcome you back and suggest you some products you may want to try based on your previous purchase, your size and your tastes ? This is not sci-fi anymore, some pioneers are already working on it [...]

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The demand of experiences

The luxury industry pursues the objective of knowing how to transmit emotions and experiences in its brands. These are created in the long term, little by little, with effort and many years of work, even last generations. The mission is to excite and excite each year its customers, being the main way to create brand [...]

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Lipault X Jean Paul Gaultier launch a collection of sober and chic luggage

Lipault is a young Parisian brand of luggage. She has partnered with the French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier for her fall/winter 2018 collection. For this collection, the one nicknamed "The enfant terrible de la mode", was inspired by the iconic pieces that marked the story of his brand: the tennis stripe suit and corset made famous [...]

Lipault X Jean Paul Gaultier launch a collection of sober and chic luggage 2018-11-14T15:18:45+00:00

What can we learn from the swift rise of Virgil Abloh ?

We no longer need to introduce Virgil Abloh. Originally the founder of Off-White, a street culture inspired brand that top the charts on Lyst and various other fashion related search engines and who skyrocketed since he collaborated with the century old luxury brand Louis Vuitton, Abloh has swiftly become one of the most influent person [...]

What can we learn from the swift rise of Virgil Abloh ? 2018-11-14T23:32:46+00:00

Welcome Genzies and Baby Bommers

In my experience, the communication from a luxury brand normally is not fun. They have the misconception that you must be in your late 30´s to start buying luxe. Forbes recently reported that Gen Z is on track to become the largest generation of consumers by the year 2020, and they account for $29 to [...]

Welcome Genzies and Baby Bommers 2018-11-14T09:49:14+00:00

Luxury and Z Generation

The challenge facing brands and Luxury Homes at a time when retail is still Rainier is that of generating envy and commitment on the part of Generation Z. A major mission, as necessary as it is rich in challenges. Regarding the authenticity Ultra-solicited, volatile, Digital Natives - GenZ in particular - would place sincerity as [...]

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Marketing and Magic

New-York, the world's #1 place in luxury goods' consumption If we look back into humankind’s history, we will notice value is getting more and more disconnected from what it evaluates. The financial worth of something used to be linked to its scarcity. The jewels or the gold on kings’ crowns were hard to [...]

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Empowerment in luxury

Currently, the terms empowerment are common and recurrent, as well as their derivations and links to various groups, attitudes, lifestyles, even traditional and emerging segments. However, it is necessary to specify and resignify this era of empowerment in the luxury area. Every context of empowerment arises from the need, in most cases, to [...]

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Luxury sector against counterfeiting

  Counterfeiting has a considerable economic impact because it represents 5 to 10% of world trade. The luxury sector is the priority target of counterfeiters. They find, thanks to the explosion of online commerce a distribution channel of their goods with certain advantages including a limited risk, the possibility of reaching a global market, reduced [...]

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Horizontal diversification in Luxury

What is exactly horizontal diversification ? When you google it, the first definition to pop-up is the following : « a type of diversification under which a firm develops or acquires new products that are different from its core business or technology, but which may appeal to its current customers. » The idea is to enlarge the [...]

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Music and luxury collaborations A major collaboration between Frieze and Gucci, Second Summer of Love is a new series of films exploring the year 1988’s enduring impact on international contemporary culture. Music has always been part of the culture and identity of every person. As a Luxury brand, the merge and collaboration with bands is a very [...]

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What should we Know about the concept cars

Present at international car shows such as the Paris, Brussels and Geneva Motor Show, the concept cars are futuristic cars that make visitors dream. But what hides behind the extravagance of the design of these precious pearls? We must first know that the concept has become a unique product, very often only one and is [...]

What should we Know about the concept cars 2018-11-14T14:33:47+00:00

Luxury and Inclusivity

What do we expect from luxury brands but being pioneers in their domain ? Nowadays, this includes playing a role in social progress. Inclusivity is the keyword. With the current state of our society, from both a cultural and political perspective (which some even say are intertwined), inclusivity and diversity are consistently hot topics in [...]

Luxury and Inclusivity 2018-11-14T23:17:43+00:00

The E in experience

According to Forbes, e-retail represents the 27 percent of the total commercial base in the world, so that means that more and more customers of physical stores are becoming digital customers as Internet access expands and accelerates. Luxury retail must pay special attention to their digital business, as they must provide an online shopping experience [...]

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Dubai – Burj Al Arab – The World Most Luxurious Hotel

The iconic sail-shaped silhouette of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah stands tall as a beacon of modern Dubai, characterized by the finest hospitality you can ever experience. Repeatedly voted the world's most luxurious hotel (Five-star-Award, The UAE’s Leading hotel 2017, The World’s leading Luxury hotel 2017, The World Leading Luxury hotel 2017), this stunning destination offers [...]

Dubai – Burj Al Arab – The World Most Luxurious Hotel 2018-11-14T14:27:20+00:00

Transparency in Luxury

Studies and figures show transparency will be luxury brands’ most challenging issue in the coming years. The Fashion Transparency Index released by the uk-based association Fashion Revolution was widely discussed online and revealed luxury brands were among the last-ranked brands regarding transparency. Even fast-fashion companies such as H&M are amo,among the top 10 brands in [...]

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New luxury purchase triggers

When I started searching the information about what triggers consumers to buy luxury goods or services, some information caught my attention. According to a study from Farfetch the shift from retail stores to digital will be more than 20% for the next years. So the triggers to purchase will be completely different from now. So [...]

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Luxury in emerging countries

      In recent years, the luxury market was focused in Western Europe and the United States, however for some time this trend has been reversed by some markets: China, for example, whose purchasing power of luxury consumers has increased, is definitely imposed as a key market. The European and American markets can be [...]

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Personalization era in Luxury

One of the premises of luxury brands is to offer the consumer a personalized and unique treatment that makes buying a unique experience that helps to build loyalty and strengthen the relationship between them. If before sales efforts are only focused on the points of sale, with digital disclosure, they have to adapt to the [...]

Personalization era in Luxury 2018-11-14T17:09:18+00:00

Inter-cultural marketing

Louboutin seduces the Indian market « Think global, act local » This phrase from the speech of René Dubos at the very first summit about environment in 1972 has become a mantra for marketers. In today’s globalized world, both traditional and newborn brands are aiming at a world-scale expansion. To ensure the brands’ a homogeneous [...]

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Luxury consumers around the world.

In the last years the notion of luxury is changing, the accessibility of information and a person’s cultural background influence in how they perceive this term. This is now a challenge for brands trying to address a global market. Some countries can be more experienced in the industry and the other can be growing within [...]

Luxury consumers around the world. 2018-11-14T09:40:19+00:00