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Luxury exchange semester

My semester started in September. At this time, it was still very warm in Paris, even hot. At the beginning of classes we had many visits to various interesting places in Paris such as: Opera Garnier, la Fondation Louis Vuitton, the exhibition of Van Cleef&Arpels collection at Place Vendome, we also took a walk along [...]

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Luxury video blogging

Concepts such as a blog, a blogger and blogging - this interconnected concepts that characterize the one activity that is related to the conduct of blog. In fact blog is a kind of site. The blogger - someone who writes in his blog, publish posts. Blogging - an activity associated with blogging. It is contenting [...]

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Cigar’s history

Cigars have a long and interesting history. They have been around for well over a thousand years, although not in their present form. Wikipedia defines a cigar as being a tightly wound bundle of tobacco that is ignited so that the smoke can be drawn into the mouth. This was, in fact, all that cigars [...]

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ASTORIA – Russian Luxury Hotel

Built in the period from 1911 to 1912, "Astoria" hotel was designed by a famous architect from Saint  Petersburg Fyodor Lidvalem. The Hotel is one of the most famous historic hotels in the city, this building is now the subject of public security. In 1941, after the Second World War the hotel "Astoria" was located [...]

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Luxury worldwide wedding

No, I do not try to impress you with some hip expressions. The « wedding destination » really exists, and consists simply of organizing a wedding abroad. This trend coming from the United States is developing more and more in France. For the scenery and the intimacy, the destination weddings generally taking place in small committee, it [...]

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Fashion victims – who are they?

The term "fashion victim" according to famous designer Oscar de la Renta denotes a person, "extremely obeying fashion trends and goes beyond common sense." Mania on brands, excessive interest in glamor, amounting to an absurd imitation of certain standards for someone is to become the norm of everyday life. Such a behavior is a cause [...]

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Luxury and social network

If the luxury brands have gradually become familiar with the social media, the big winners are certainly those who set foot first. 1) Chanel's long awaited Instagram posts While Chanel arrived at Instagram, she now knows perfectly how to play the game. After a long moment of silence, where they took advantage to naturally accumulate [...]

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Flagship architecture

It is a word that does not appeal to luxury groups: LVMH and Hermes designate their flagships as "houses" and Prada as "epicentres". These giant emporiums where all the products of the brand are exposed appeared around 1985 under the impulse of Peter Marino. This American architect able to move from the most contemporary style [...]

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Is it possible to imagine life without Luxury?

What is luxury? Looking into the dictionary, you can find multiple meanings of this word: 1. External magnificence, splendor anything. 2. Excess in comfort, convenience and pleasure of life associated with the cost exceeding the average standard of living. 3. Abundance, natural wealth. All these definitions are correct in their own way. They all mean [...]

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The Influencers

When, in the nineteenth century, Louis Vuitton put forward the fact that the Empress Eugénie was a customer of his shop on Boulevard Haussmann, he already used the support of an influential personality as a marketing strategy. In 2008, luxury brands seized the importance of the phenomenon and catch these influencers to win new customers [...]

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TSUM – Russian Luxury Mall

TSUM is one of the largest department stores in Europe which is situated in Moscow, Russia. On an area of ​​70 thousand square meters, there is  a collection of more than two thousand brands. Among them - Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Celine, Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen, Brioni, Loro Piana, Chopard, Rolex, Graff, Garrard, Patek Philippe, [...]

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Best coffee beans in the world

In Indonesia : there is the coffee of all the superlatives, the most expensive, the rarest, the best and also the most unusual coffee. You may have already heard of the most expensive coffee in the world. It can sell up to € 1000 per kg or $ 60 a cup in Australia for example, but [...]

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The visit of La Fondation Louis Vuitton

It is incredibly beautiful building in the incredible beautiful place, which is surrounded by amazing park! Unusual combination of architecture and nature, the cascade of water going down the stone steps to the foot of the building, colored petals-wall revealed differently under the new angle of view – these are  the main things which separates [...]

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The must have

As a perfect luxury woman, chek that you list is complete : Hermes - More than just an accessory, the square Hermes is above all the symbol of the famous French saddler. Nowadays iconic, these pieces of silk are constantly reinvented thanks to the talent and the know-how of many designers. More than just an accessory, [...]

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Van Cleef&Arpels 22 Place Vendôme

Van Cleef & Arpels is one of the most houses of spectacular masterpieces in the world. Crafted with precious stones and the highest quality materials, its jewelry often depicts intricate, whimsical designs like flowers and animals. В 1906 Alfred Van Cleef and Salomon (Charles) Arpels, establish the House of Van Cleef & Arpels at 22 [...]

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Luxury brand restaurant

Exept fashion, Giorgio Armani, Gucci or Ralph Lauren choose another sector that can be profitable : gastronomy, by opening their own restaurants. In China, for example, Gucci offers, within its 1921 Gucci Café located in the IAPM shopping center, Italian cuisine with unmissable recipes such as spaghetti with seafood. The restaurant resumes the codes of the [...]

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Amber jewellery from Russia

A particular style, sun's heat, soft gloss, which is particularly evident when it is exposed to light, distinguishes Amber Jewelry. Jewels of this mineral are appreciated by both, men and women since immemorial time. It is a unique product, which is not affected by time, age and fashion trends. Russian amber products are created by [...]

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Luxury underwear

With the release of the 2010 Diamond Fantasy Bra from Victoria’s Secret (worth a whopping $2.5 million), everyone’s mind is on expensive lingerie. And when I say “expensive,” I mean the sort of lingerie where, if you have to check the price tag, you almost certainly cannot afford it. Here is the list of 5 [...]

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Monaco – the capital of Luxury lifestyle

Principality of Monaco - one of the smallest states in Europe - a country of dreams, memories of visiting this country will stay with you for all your life. Monaco is unique for its atmosphere, mixed together with luxury and elegance. Monaco – is the world`s famous resort and the place of racing Formula 1, [...]

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Crisis in Luxury field in france because of terrorism

The attacks have also taken a toll on the luxury industry, which relies heavily on foreign tourists, especially from Asia, for European sales. Leading brands like Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Prada have reported slumping sales as high-spending tourists stay away. On a recent morning, a handful of visitors flitted through Louis Vuitton’s mammoth flagship store [...]

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Avenue Montagne, Paris. My personal impressions

Avenue Montaigne - 615 m long street in the 8th arrondissement between Ron Puen Square and Bridge Alma. Long ago this avenue was called «Widow`s Alley», because grieving widows as liked to gather here a few centuries ago. Then the alley was named after the famous French writer Michel de Montaigne from Renaissance epoch. In [...]

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Sochi – Russian Riviera

Russian city Sochi is well-known for XXII Olympic Winter Games which were held there in the period from 7 to 23 February, 2014. The Olympic Games in Sochi has become one of the most ambitious and complex major Russian projects in the last 20 years. And this city is also known for Russian Grand Prix [...]

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Trend : women use men perfume

Does perfume have a sex? The perfumes are culturally coded and it is true that one will associate from the outset certain scents to femininity and others to virility. The fragrances for women are generally quite flowery, fruity, sweet, heady, or with powdered notes whereas the masculine fragrances are more traditionally woody, marine or rich [...]

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Ulyana Sergeenko – Russian Haut Couture Designer

Ulyana Sergeenko is a Russian Haute Couture designer who was born in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan and ten moved to Saint Petersburg, Russia and from her school years she was interested in fashion.  Firstly Ulyana became a client of famous luxury houses like Dior, Valentino, Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier, when she was married with a Russian [...]

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Plus-size model

20 years ago, a top model weighed about 8% less than an average woman. Today the difference in weight is 23%. They are mannequins and far from the "rachitic" standards of the world of fashion. Who are the "plus size" top models that illuminate catwalk and magazine pages? Denise Bidot : With her size 46, she [...]

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Sun Island Resort & Spa Hotel Maldives

This Luxury Hotel is situated in Maldives Islands (Maamigili) and has 9 restaurants, spa center, golf area, orchid garden, natural park, tennis courts on its territory. First visiting this place I was very excited and inspired by the atmosphere around me. Crystal blue pure water, white sand, hot sun, beautiful nature, high-level service – this [...]

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Unusual partnership of luxury brand

BURGER KING X THE KOOPLES : You probably know both of them, the ready-to-wear The kooples and the fast-food Burger King. Since 2014, The Kooples launches TK Foundry a new department that aims to encourage creation in the artistic field and to convey the universe of the brand through music, films, new technologies and art. The [...]

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