Aston Martin’s leap towards sustainability

Aston Martin’s leap towards sustainability

An electric car is an automobile that uses electric motors or solar electric panels instead of using gasoline (non-renewable energy). In the 19th and 20th century, they were popular. However, advancements in starter engines and cars, that could use cheap gasoline, took over the market and undercut it as a practical vehicle. The world was not yet ready to move towards electric and sustainable energy. That is not the case today. It’s not just because the new, up and coming generation is a lot more aware of the impact that their previous generations had, but because they would like to leave a positive impact today and for generations to come.


Starting December 2015, large production of highway-legal passenger cars and utility vans, that were electric, had been made available. Overall global sales of these vehicles passed one million units in total, in 10 months’ time. This was a sign of the upcoming changes in lifestyle that people had been working towards sustainable goals. But, how do we become sustainable without having to give up the feel of luxury?


Aston Martin the English luxurious car brand and the Chinese investment group, known as China Equity, signed an agreement to explore the development of a production version of the RapidE concept back in 2015. Aston Martin confirmed that the RapidE, (the capital E in RapidE probably being the abbreviation for electric) an all-electric version of the four-door performance car Rapide with a V12 engine, will go into production in 2019. This will be Aston Martin’s first ever electric car, offering what CEO Dr. Andy Palmer describes as “a sustainable future”.


Mirna Zook

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