ArtMuria Luxury Honey

ArtMuria Luxury Honey

The six generations of Muria family have expended thier lives in producing quality honey since 1810. Their luxury honey have like a key of success the high pollen levels and the scents máximum concentration.


Among its varieties include, rosemary, orange, high mountain and forest, this type of honey is made from a comprehensive selection of the newest and freshest floral crops of the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian forests and high mountains of the Pyrenees.

Then the rosemary honey has a light color, aroma of flowers with a sweet taste, mild flavor with subtle acid tones. That one is a fine honey combined with salads, fruit and herbal. The aroma of that honey is very strong.

The orange honey is clean and clear amber tone. Its aroma is citrusy and persistent in the mouth. Sweet and juicy, perfect for recipes combine with duck, fresh cheeses, soft ice cream, candy and baked pan and, infusions of low aromatic intensity.

The high mountain honey is amber with reddish notes, herbaceous aromas and nuances acids in the mouth, it is ideal with cold dressings, italian food, mushrooms and cheese.

At Least, the Forest honey is dark and with intense aromas of toasted grain amber hue. Its sweet flavor unfolds persistent with salted components, and the whole brings a pairing with fried vegetables, tempura, spicy roasts, strong cheeses and bread.artMuria-Restaurante