Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau

People who walk through the Parisian streets can appreciate both the colossal and characteristic architecture of the city and what is known as Art Nouveau.

The Art Nouveau is a philosophy, an international style of art and architecture. It was born in the 19th century after the International exhibition in Paris, where it was proclaimed the pioneer in terms of technological and artistic innovation. The boom of the art Nuveau took place in 1900 representing the Belle Époque.

This original and colorful Style takes the inspiration from the nature and environment (plants, animals…).  Architecture which follows Art Nouveau emphasize the ornamentation of arabesque designs.

One of the most representative architects in Art Nouveau is  Hector Guimard. He built the Castel Berenger, but his most famous work was the entrance to the Parisian subway stations.


La station de la porte Dauphine (Hector Guimard)


Alicia Queralt

Alicia QUeralt