Art and luxury: the inseparable twins

Art and luxury: the inseparable twins

Is art luxury, or the other way around? It depends on the point of view. In the luxury world, both are compatible and even inseparable sometimes, whether it is by the high quality of the products or by limited edition design that was chosen. For instance, Hermes’ know-how and quality could be considered as art. So could other Maisons’ craftsmanship.

There is also the alternative of using art for inspiration. Such as Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with Jeff Koons who replicated art works on the luxury house’s bags. The result? The clientele may acquire handbags with Monet’s, Gauguin’s, Turner’s or Boucher’s famous pieces of art on it.

Luxury is often inspired by art itself. It can be found on the products themselves or in the merchandising strategy used to sell them. Just as luxury, art is also an exclusive sector in which a selective clientele can acquire pieces of art.

They have so many things in common that we could almost take one for the other. However, would we be wrong to do so? Luxury and art share similar values that make them inseparable twins.


Jezabel Sarrotte

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