Art Basel

Art Basel

Art Basel was founded in 1970, Switzerland. The trio from Basel (Ernst Beyeler, Trudi Brunckner and Balz Hilt) put with their passion and ambitious vision. Among the years, Art Basel became one of the first international art show, providing a platform for artists and gallerists from different countries. From the fisrt fair, Art Basel became popular and attracted more than 16,000 people. Since that time, each year Art Basel attracts more and more art –lovers to the fair.

Herzog & de Meuron .  Schaulager Satellite  Art Basel pavilion

Nowadays, Art Basel is one of the biggest Modern and Conteporary art shows, held in Basel, Miami and Hong Kong. It brings together collectors, curators and critics from all over the globe. Art Basel develops new projects and supports non-profit visual arts organizations. The goal of Art Basel is to create dynamic relationship between art galleries, artists, private collectors and public institutions. Paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, prints, video and multimedia art are exposed during the show.

MizumaE11D4S9512Lilia Khazhieva

photo (1) Lilia

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