Animal abuses in luxury

Animal abuses in luxury

Well, in a context where many houses ban the use of fur in their collection we have to think about the reason of those decisions.

First, after all the videos spread by PETA showing how animal are raised in specialized farms in China or Korea denouncing the conditions of raising and killing of the animals. Animals are so bred that they can’t even move in order to provide more fur. Some brands such as Max Mara, Furla and Fendi are still using fur but oftenly are not able to tell where the fur comes from which is not really honest regarding the clients.

The other major subject is the production of handbags in crocodile leather. As you know, the crocodile or aligators are oftenly skinned alive and feel terrible pain. That was a fight between Jane Birkin and Hermes because, as you may know, the iconic bag of Hermes wears the name of the famous singer, and after she saw the images of the product processus , she didn’t want them to use it anymore.

The last thing I would like to say is that wearing fur today is regarded as has-been especially when we know that fake fur looks exactly the same.

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