And for you, what is Luxury?

And for you, what is Luxury?

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I have a question for you, readers. If you had to give on definition of LUXURY, what would it be?



The first thing I learned during my year of Master in Luxury is that there isn’t a unique definition of Luxury. Each person sees the world of Luxury differently. Globally we can say that this is an art. When you can afford to buy a luxury product you are feeling happy and proud of what you bought. You want to show it to everybody and wear it all the time.

Luxury is a world apart. Buyers are, most of the time, very demanding. Clients are the kings, and sellers give them some advice. Everything has to be perfect, in the boutique, but also with the sellers, with their attitude, their way to welcome clients but also their appearance (hair and nails done, impeccable outfit…). With luxury we can dream, imagine being in an other world, where everything would be in diamonds and gold.

As Coco CHANEL said : « Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.» Let’s be luxury and let’s enjoy all the details that the life and the world offer us.



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