American Express Centurion: Access to Excess

American Express Centurion: Access to Excess



How would you feel about having a credit card with a limit that exceeds 1.000.000€?


Conceived to help on the endless shopping list of the rich and powerful, the Centurion Card by American Express is an exclusive creation by the New York based company.

Offered only through an invitation, the Centurion is for very few and desired by many.

Known for being the most exclusive credit card in the world, the Centurion Card, also know as American Express Black, is made from a pure form of titanium in a rectangular shape.



Here’s a few of the perks that it brings its clients:

Not only you can purchase a private jet, but you can also buy your own exotic private island anywhere in the world!

Anywhere you go, you’ll be received as nothing less than a VIP, if it’s either in a luxurious hotel in the Maldives or in any VIP rooms at any airport. The AMEX Centurion guaranties comfort and accessibility in every phase of its customers travels.



And the best part is the personal concierge services offered by the Black Card. The concierge services can assist you with airplane tickets, free upgrades, access to Michelin stared restaurants all over the world, personal shopper for many luxury brands, getting invitations for Fashion Weeks in London, Paris, Milan and New York, free suites and rooms in five-star hotels, such as the Mandarin Oriental and many others, and finally, to be able to enjoy exclusive luxurious spectacles and festivals around the world.




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