Luxury loves new technology

Luxury loves new technology

« La mode est un rendez-vous avec le temps (…) L’avenir appartient à ceux qui utiliseront les technologies de leur temps et satisferont les besoins et les envies des consommateurs. » Pierre Bergé

Although, rooted in the tradition, Luxury has always loved technology innovation if these one provides to offer a privileged experience to the client.

In the digital era, luxury and technology have to mix. The digital is no longer a danger for luxury, on the contrary fashion and luxury fields are in the heart of the digital revolution. Creativity and innovation are more than ever growth leverage for this sector.

However, luxury is a unique field and need to be singular in its approach. For that, luxury brand competes of ingenuity: for instance, Yves Saint Laurent made a partnership with google to allow makeup artist with google glass to conceive personalized beauty tutorials. And also, the Karl Lagerfeld concept store in Saint-Germain-des-Près show the collection through digital interfaces and propose to the client connected fitting room.

The balance between Luxury and technology reside in the possibility of a better communication, and so be able to be more transparent for the client. The technology has to serve luxury and reveal its excellence. For a brand, find this balance is sign up in the modernity without lost of mind its heritage.


Justine Latta

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