ALMAS, the most expensive caviar in the world

ALMAS, the most expensive caviar in the world

Having Persian word origins khag-avar, which means “egg generator », Caviar is, undeniably, the most luxurious and exclusive food known to mankind. Almas’s caviar is considered the most expensive one in the world. Caviar of this brand comes from Iran et obviously, it’s that with a huge rarity. 

The kilo of caviar from Almas is 25.000 dollars that are to say 37 euros per spoon. But, we can buy the miniature version if we don’t have money, we have to count 800 dollars.

Caviar is classified into three quality categories according to its color: the clearer it is, the better its quality (dark tone (0), medium (00) and light tone (000)). However, the product must be consumed as soon as possible to fully enjoy its flavors. But what makes Almas caviar so special?

This caviar comes from Iranian Beluga fish. The fish is found in most of the pure crystalline waters of the Caspian Sea, which is one of the reasons why Almas caviar is so special. The pearly white color of this caviar is the specialty that pushes its price and it is simply amazing. Add to that a silky texture and Almas caviar becomes what it is.

It should be known that this food of luxury of the modern times was formerly consumed by the peasants in the medieval times in Russia. Caviar entered the world of luxury at the royal court during the Shakespeare era. This delicacy has evolved and traveled around the world since that time.

The only way to get Almas caviar is at Caviar House & Prunier in London and it is served in a 24-carat gold case if you buy it by the kilo.