Agent Provocateur, IN PARIS VERY SOON

Agent Provocateur, IN PARIS VERY SOON



This is one of the best and sexiest news for parisian women : The famous and glamourous lingerie Brand, Agent provocateur will open very soon in Paris.

Agent provocateur was created in 1994 by the son of the famous brittish designer Vivienne Westwood.

There are Shops all around the world, and one of them is even based in Cannes, Southern France.

How a City Like Paris, Fashion capital, and city of romantism of love, can’t Have an Agent Provocateur shop for its Women ?

There is Actually somewhere we can find the brand in Paris…Indeed the Famous « Galeries Lafayette » have a corner dedicated to the brand…But in reality, Agent Provocateur’s costumer truely love the Sexy spirit of the brand, the unique atmosphere of the shops and the showcases…

There will be two shops, One Rive Droite, in the mythical rue Cambon in the 1st district of Paris, and an other one Rive Gauche, rue de Grenelle.

We still don’t know when the boutiques will open their doors (as if the brand wanted to keep it secret) but it might be very soon around the end of January.

We will keep you informed as soon as possible !




Margot Derisbourg