Aesthetics of Empty Space

Aesthetics of Empty Space

There is a word. “Simple is the Best.” It is more difficulty to more than empt out and add. Minimalism qui concentrates on the gasoline Taking out unnecessities has-been expanded to various fields Including music, fashion, philosophy and architecture.

In recent trend of Minimal Interior, it is Consist by personal lifestyle more than unifersal Following spacing rules in gold Placing furniture. Also, it excludes eyecatching ornaments so the texture and the finish are Clearly Revealed.

Living Room, the broadest spot in the house so minimal style living room make the aesthetics of empty space alive. You can change the constitution of the furniture DEPENDING ON your own lifestyle or tastes.

Bath Room, if the more lines splitting faces, the narrower the place Seems. So it is better to make bold compartments to make the place Seems broad.


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