Advertising Nowadays

Advertising Nowadays

How we define advertising? Simply it is a form of communication that is meant to attract and persuade an audience. Advertising is everywhere. It is surely has became our dominant creative industry. But what about the question of does creative advertising make a big impact on the society nowadays? Creative advertising is more memorable and long lasting. Artists nowadays compete to show off their creativity in term of getting a lot of attention from the society. Not only to sell the product or the brand, but also to sell their self as well.

While some advertisers have undertaken the essence of creativity by creating a controversial advertising campaign that has been very successful, some have been damaging to the company. Most of the research has observed “controversial advertising” as a negative concept. However, believe it or not, advertiser uses it in increasing number.


Take a look at the Calvin Klein’s campaign in their latest ad for Spring 2016, model and actress Klara Kristen is pictured with the camera looking directly up her skirt. The ad has faced a lot of criticism that it can draw pedophiles and is sexist towards women. But Kristen herself tweeted “All this discussion about it makes me think about how alienated and scared some people are to the female human body. Do not forget United Colors of Benetton which has been known for a very long time for its controversial advertising. The “Unhate” campaign in 2011 featured famous leaders including Barack Obama and Chinese president Hu Jintao photoshopped in a image kissing each other.

Looking through the evolution of advertising, my self personally, I can not conclude what is the purpose of controversial advertising. Is it a human error or it is pure a marketing game. What about you?





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