Adventure of a lifetime

Adventure of a lifetime

The meaning of traveling will soon be shaken to its core, and “exotic” destinations will be not considered extraordinary anymore. The way we travel and the places we choose are currently undergoing some drastic changes. The breath-taking view and unique experience that was reserved for astronauts until now, will be soon available to the general public.




An American company called WorldView is engaged in making space travel for non-astronauts a reality. The company has invested into the latest technology that will allow interested individuals to take day trips to see the curvature of Earth. Passengers will be transported in a modern capsule that is attached to a large helium balloon, which has a size of a football stadium.




The trip offers a luxurious treatment, comfort and once-in-a-lifetime travel experience in one. Once the travellers are in the space, they are able to enjoy their favourite meal and drinks, with the most unique views of Earth. This project is however not only a service to the public, but also a scientific approach to go beyond the regular means of travel, and offer something that involves education and satisfies human curiosity. The price of this incredible trip is $75,000 with drinks and snacks included, and will be possible to book from 2016.



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