A short history of Vogue magazine

A short history of Vogue magazine

In 1892 Vogue was founded by Arthur Baldwin Turnure who wanted to create a publication about the “ceremonial side of life” that targets the new aristocracy of New York.


When looking for a name, the magazine’s first editor Jonathan Redding found the following definition of “vogue”: “Mode of fashion prevalent at any particular time; popular reception, repute, generally used in the phrase ‘in vogue’: as, a particular style of dress was then ‘in vogue’; such opinions are now ‘in vogue.’” Vogue was born.


The magazine at this time was mostly about fashion, but also covered sports and social affairs for male readership. In 1932 the American Vogue for the first time put a colour photography instead of a drawing on the cover of the magazine. Since that the best photographers in the world have become Vogue’s contributors.


In 1988 a new era for Vogue started when Anna Wintour became its Chief Editor and lead Vogue to become the Nr1 Fashion Magazine in the world, not just reflecting fashion trends, but shaping and influencing them.



Nadina Elekse


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