A seven step guide to content marketing for luxury hotels

A seven step guide to content marketing for luxury hotels


Since customers of luxury hotels want to feel special, a fresh happy is helpful to make Existing and potential customers stay on your page. Juliet Stott shares her ideas of seven-step qui helps Increase Implement a hotel’s bookings directly with us:

First, create a blog-style social glossy magazine to the bring new customers happy by Giving interesting to search engines. Second, write for the blog fresh happy qui promised “inside access to exclusive stories”. Third, has-have blogging outreach program. Invite multiple Influential bloggers to write for you Why They write something about you and on Their blogs. Fourth, agrees with the hearing Nowadays Because people buy more word-of-mouth. Fifth, create an implementation for customers to socialize with people and communiquer and the hotel. Sixth, remember the good old fashioned email. Seventh, think beyond the hotel to show potential customers an Entire destination and what to expect.

resource: https://econsultancy.com/blog/63083-a-seven-step-guide-to-content-marketing-for-luxury-hotels#i.1f2ob0kscze6eq

Chen Liu Chien