A Rainforest in Dubai?

A Rainforest in Dubai?


If there is a place on the planet where the most improbable urbanistic and architectural dreams can be realized, this is Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. The city was built in the middle of nowhere, in the desert along the Southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula in Asia, but with a single detail: millions and millions to be invested without fear of tomorrow.



What matters is luxury and it’s on luxury that Dubai lives on: attracting tourists from every corner of the globe willing to pay exorbitant prices for a night at the most luxurious hotels. And we’re not just talking about five-star hotels in Dubai, there’s a hotel with up to seven stars and overlooking an aquarium with 65,000 fish. It is no wonder that the most important brands of fashion have settled with their hotels in the city, such as Versace and Giorgio Armani.



To get an idea of ​​how much everything is really possible there, you can go from the ski station (indoors) to the three artificial islands in the shape of a palm tree. And what is missing there? If you thought of a rainforest, you could scratch that item off the list of unlikely things. Sheikh Zayed Road’s investment is $ 550 million at the Rosemont Hotel and Residences by Curio Collection.


The hotel and residential building that carries the signature of the 53-story ZAS architecture office will have 448 hotel rooms, 280 apartments for rent, restaurants, bars, spas, gyms, swimming pools (the picture above is an infinity pool Between the floors – with panoramic views) and everything else a five star can offer. This is the only one of the two towers that will be built by 2018 in the Al Thanyah neighborhood. And add to all this a 7,000 m2 rainforest!



The forest will feature hiking trails, an artificial beach, waterfalls, streams, a swamp, and a high-tech sensory rainfall system that will use recycled water. And by the image above, even a dinosaur will be part of this scenario!




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