A New Dimension in Fashion E-Commerce

A New Dimension in Fashion E-Commerce


Bringing together fashion, digital technology and a sustainable business model, Miximaliste is the first international e-commerce to reduce waste and environmental impact of overproduction through the use of technology.

Here’s how it works: the unique combination of 3 major features: “LIVE!” Sessions for each designer pre-order event, 3D CGI content replacing photographic content, and a pre-order business model where cost savings are passed on to customer.



Each month Miximaliste brings a small hand picked selection of exclusive capsule collections from coveted designers among the best established and emerging design talents in London, Paris and internationally.

The website doesn’t have a wide arrange of designers and products, but rather a small selection of pieces form each collection.



Miximaliste promises that the featured content is all physically accurate and done in a photorealistic 3D simulation.  The whole concept bases itself on the use of 3D CGI representation of the clothes and models. This proves that 3D Content is the future of Fashion.





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