A luxurious Scotch experience

A luxurious Scotch experience

Whisky comes under many names and from many places around the world, but only a lucky few deserve to be called luxurious and truly Scotch.


Greywalls Hotel

The hotel offers a whisky room that stores more than 50 rare malts. Greywalls also offers a unique Whisky Menu which allows guests (who pre-book) to have a dinner in the Whisky Room with a tasting whisky session.











Cameron House

Cameron House offers its very own whisky blended by Auchantoshan Distillery, and it also organizes whisky tastings for guests, as well as chocolate tasting, or combination of cheese and whisky tasting.




Scotland prides itself for its fabulous whisky, and an unforgettable experience that comes with it. Those who wish to have a glass or two of the real Scotch in the home of whisky, should consider one of the luxurious hotels that offer the best possible treatment for whisky lovers.



Nad’a Chrenková






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