A first perfume for Louis Vuitton ?

A first perfume for Louis Vuitton ?

We can observe in the luxury industry that almost all of the brands have created their own perfume like Valentino, Dior, Chloé, YSL … Indeed, fragrances have not only acheived an important place among the big fashion houses but also place a huge part in the identity of the brands.

Moreover, the cosmetice – Fragrance industry is also one of the branches that generates a greater revenue.

However we can notice that Louis Vuitton is an outsider when it comes to perfumes.

In 2012, they recruted Jacques Cavallier, a nose who helped create great and well known scents such as Dior Addict, Jean Paul Gaultier, Stella McCartney…

Rumors have been circulating ever since about the launch of a « Louis Vuitton Perfume » but the fashion house has always been delaying official statements.

The pressure is on, after waiting such a long time, we can say that the expectations are going to be quite high.

Finally, the CEO of LVMH made a statement : « We have decided to take our time in order to create a unique and outsatnding product, the Louis Vuitton Perfume will not be launched before 2016 ».

We still need to be patient but we are sure it will be worth the wait.


Stacey Parkinson


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