A fashionable food-tasting inside “Silencio”, the exclusive Parisian night-club

A fashionable food-tasting inside “Silencio”, the exclusive Parisian night-club

Food tasting- Silencio 3

Do you want to try a different and trendy food-tasting in the heart of Paris?

Here you have the key to access to a really cool event.

…Where? Food tasting- Silencio 4

Silencio” is the answer!

One minute you are in the dark, the next one you are inside a golden tunnel decorated with buddhist symbols, discovering another world.

This is the feeling you will have descending the six floors into Silencio, one of the most exclusive Parisian Night-Club located in 142 Rue Montmatre, in the 2nd arrondissement.

The nightclub itself is structured like an Food tasting- Silencio 2underground bunker. Stepping down you can admire photographs of the establishment taken by the club’s owner-designer-musician, David Lynch.

Once inside Buddhist cocktail bars, library, dream forest and stage straight from Twin Peaks are surrounding you.

The local during the day host various types of events, like conferences, business meeting, vernissage and of course food tasting, BUT after midnight, just like Cinderella, Silencio shifts from a small Hollywood scene to an average-sized dance floor with an average DJ and people lining up at the bar.

Silencio is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 6pm and 6am.

Let’s go to have a look!


Mila Degli Esposti

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