A Chameleon named Karl Lagerfeld

A Chameleon named Karl Lagerfeld

When we wonder about Karl Lagerfeld, we finally know little about this fashion gentleman who lives a hundred miles an hour.


Certainly no one speaks faster than he does (and that in four languages), but he delivers little on him. There is no insured data either on his date of birth (he came into the world in 1993?) Nor on his exact family situation or his training.

Let us say that Karl Lagerfeld is the child of the four-leaf clover.

He showed an early interest in drawing and clothing.

Karl Lagarfeld began an internship with Pierre Balmain and then left for five years with Jean Patou in 1958, the oldest fashion house in Paris, where he was terribly bored “only two haute couture collections per year! “.

He decided never to be bored again. He then creates tights and knits for dancers, clothes for Monoprix and for the cheap brand Gadging.

When he works in 2004 for H & M this causes scandal.

Styling at the time was considered a miserable, ill-paid job.

He therefore accepted each order.

He sometimes throws 17 collections a year, and each one is different.

Then it is at the Chloe house that he gives of his delicate, sparkling, youthful and poetic. For 20 years he is the director of creation.

After a break of nine years, the Italian fur house Fendi appealed to him. He then develops the nonchalant luxury of light furs as of the pen, which one traces with oneself with naturalness.

It is also to him that one owes all the it bags, the wand of Fendi or the coat in camel hair 101810 for Max Mara.

But it is as an incarnation of Coco Chanel that it reaches its true grandeur.

Like Gabrielle Chanel he does not deal with conventions, but seeks amusement and the greatest possible freedom. The typical Tweed tailor is shortened, overloaded with golden chains and pearls. The logo of the two C entwined soon adorned motorcycle jackets, underwear, bikinis, handbags, shoes, tights or even coat linings.

On the other hand, he seems to treat his own claw as a child. Sometimes “Lagerfeld Gallery”, then “Karl Lagerfeld”, and since 2012 simply “Karl”.


Perhaps he thinks less of glory and money than his competitors. Its only excess is its creator’s impetus. The most exposed designer in the world is hidden behind high collars and dark glasses.


It is an observer, not someone who participates. In a world of excess drugs and alcohol, he remains sober and disciplined


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