8 Steps to Instagram Success

8 Steps to Instagram Success

1. Be unique

Make your style recognisable by being your authentic self. Try to show something that the others do not.


2. Like other people

To get more people to see your posts like post of accounts you want to be followed by, without aiming too high.


3. Use special Hashtags

You can add as many hashtags as you want. Tags to get people to follow you, like your posts or promise to like their posts if they do the same for you. (#L4L is “like for like”,#follow and #followme)


4. Master Hashtags

Do not abuse them tailor tags that suit the actual post. Associate to your content, get inspired by famous accounts


5. Add Captions

Way to be fun and show your personality. Even just a selfie can be turned into something funny.


6. Good Profile Picture

Your instagram is a brand and the profile picture is essential. The profile picture must be fluid with your content and you should show your face as a presentation.


6. Post Regularly

Posting too much can make you lose followers. The best would be to post few times a day at different times of the days to see what works best for you. Once you found it make sure to keep a steady stream of posts.


7. Schedule

There are many tools (Hootsuite and Latergramme) that help you schedule in advance your posts. They enable you to maintain a steady flow of content without risking to miss it or not have time.


8. Be Careful about the Instagram Feed

Today Instagram does not have a time entered feed. The appearance of posts is based on your interest. This means that in order to stay current you need to interact with your followers.