7 facts about Grace Kelly

7 facts about Grace Kelly

We could find lots of articles, books and films about legendary Grace Kelly. Most of them are about her life after becoming Princess of Monaco. Here are 7 facts which are not so well-known:


  • Father of Grace Kelly thought that his daughter was a non-achiever. He always put her older sister Peggy as an example.
  • Grace Kelly started her career as a model. Her fisrt advertising was for anti-insect spray
  • Grace Kelly was dreaming about ballet, but she was too tall for it
  • All films with Grace Kelly could not be seen in Monaco. It was prohibited by her husband – Prince Rainier III
  • While pregnant with her daughter, Kelly was frequently photographed clutching a distinctive leather hand-bag manufactured by Hermes. Nowadays, it is known as Kelly Bag
  • When Grace Kelly left the cinematography because of her husband, Alfred Hitchcook started to call her as «Princess Disgrace»
  • She became first actress whose image appeared on a stamp

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