5 things to know about wine and spirits

5 things to know about wine and spirits

Wine & Spirits represents one of the most important sector of luxury industry. This fascinating domain, unknown by the public has a lot of secrets and codes that could be very interesting to know.

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1.First of all, wine and spirits include of course wine but also Champaign and all the drinks that are obtained by distillation, fermentation, infusion, like liqueur & cognac, rhum, vodka and others.

2. Secondly, it is important to mention that the wine is the alcohol the most consummate in France but also in the World. In 2014, 85% of French household have bought wine. France is also the first country exporter of wine in the world. Today the wine channel represents on its own 558 000 jobs in France.

3. In third position, some very famous wines have to be remembered. For example the wine the most expensive in the world in 2015 is The Richebourg Grand Cru by Henri Jayer which coasts approximately 14 000 dollars a bottle.richebourg

The Cognac the most expensive which was sold is the Cognac Henri IV Dudognon for 1,9 million de dollars and the most expensive champagne sold was the Champagne Goût de diamants for 1,2 million euros.

4. After that, we can also talk about the oldest wine of the world which is a white wine of Alsace created in 1472. Today the oldest of the world is the Courvoisier&Curlier aged of 224 years old.

5. Finally, the importants points to know to have a perfect wine & spirits tasting are : Be careful about the temperature, take our time, always select the adapted glass according to the type of alcool, be careful about the environment of tasting, and if it is possible, taste with food as well as charcuterie, bread, butter.


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