5 reasons to visit Monaco

5 reasons to visit Monaco


There are plenty of reason to come to visit Monaco, and also come to stay in. These reason are the following


1- Security: First of all security is something almost everyone care about, people coming from big cities will understand and will be pleased to feel secure.

2-Good weather: there is always the sun, and if there’s no sun the temperature is not very low. In Winter it never goes under 0 degrees this is due to the fact that there is the Mediterranean sea.

3- Easy access destination, Monaco is near everywhere, this is why living in Monaco has some advantages. Due to the beach you have during summer, and the mountain in winter 1 hour far from Monaco. Moreover it is next To Italy, Spain, Swiss, Corsica…

4- It has all the luxury shops you can wish for, and it is easy to go shopping, they are all reunited in Pavillions.

5- It is an International country, there are many languages spoken in Monaco, such as French, English, Italia, Russian, German and so on.. this is why it is a good way to learn a new language and to meet people from different background






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