5 emblematic luxury bags

5 emblematic luxury bags

If it were to have five , it would be those mythical five bags. Five bags that have changed the history of leather goods :


The Birkin, by Hermès

This is not just a bag anymore, the Birkin is an icone in the leather goods sector, that every women dream to own. Each Birkin is hand made in France and it takes months, even years, to have yours.



The 2.55, by Chanelchanel-mini-2-55-shoulder-bag

We do not need to present it anymore, created in february 1955 (hence its name), the 2.55 became the symbole of french elegance and chic. Worn on the shoulder, it is a revolution for the time, when women wore their bags in hand.


louis-vuitton--M41110_PM2_Front view

The Speedy, by Louis Vuitton

Declined in several sizes and patters, it was one of the favorit bags of Audrey Hepburn. She loved the fact that the Speedy can make any outfit chic and sophisticated. Moreover, you can personnalize it by adding your initials or choosing the interior color.




The Premier Flirt, by Lancel

Created in 1927, it was named Le Sac Seau. It became Le Premier Flirt in 2006 with the arrival of Alice Taglioni as ambassador. Very elegant, it represents the Parisian chic style and used to be the most famous bag in the 80’ and 90’.



The Lady Dior, by Dior

Born in 1994, it has this name in honnor of the legendary princess Lady Diana. Dior offers her a Lady Dior during a visit in Paris two years after. The letters D, I, O and R suspended to one of its handles make it unique. Since 2008, Marion Cotillard is the ambassador of the brand.


Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Lancel, Dior, and others, have created the timeless it bag, both chic and luxurious returning season after season.


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