42 Avenue Gabriel, a new capital address for the “happy few”

42 Avenue Gabriel, a new capital address for the “happy few”

Nestled in a peaceful place mid-way between Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Avenue Montaigne,  La Réserve Paris – Hotel and Spa overlooks the Grand Palais, the Eiffel Tower, the Pantheon and the Concorde obelisk. Just in front, a majestic curtain of trees preserves the intimacy of this place, like an echo of the Elysée gardens nearby.



Michel Reybier’s highly distinctive urban mansion has all the elegance of a 19th century private apartment, where ultra-personalised services can be enjoyed in complete simplicity and discretion. One of the services enjoyed by the very few is indeed the exclusive journey to the heart of Haute Parfumerie in this mansion.


La Réserve Paris opens the doors for bespoke perfumery. This Salon dedicated to trying on the perfumes will awake the sensorial compass, bringing memories. The very lucky ones will be immersed in this mysterious world, guided by the senses as shifting from abstract to imaginary and from the thought to the olfactory experience. With the help of an experienced professional perfumer, guidance will be provided to create and walk away with the own custom-made fragrance based on individual favourite scents.


Photos credits : La Réserve Paris



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