2018: Fashion as optimistic escapism

2018: Fashion as optimistic escapism

luxury and fashion may have always functioned as a getaway from the harsh reality, 2018 will be known as the year of optimistic escapism. People are trying to forget the problematics of daily life and this is having a large impact on our view on fashion. According to Kate Johnson of stylus this trend will translate itself into two contrasting sides.

Happiness and hedonism

This side of the trend will translate itself into bold color, positivity and good times, using parties as a way to fight the feeling of uncertainty. This was a trend already strongly represented in most of this years fashion weeks. Internationally 2017 has had a rough year, struggling with political issues, the environment and terrorism. In fashion trends this showed an almost cartoonish, fanciful nostalgia, gripping onto the past as the future is more unknown than ever. Think of the current extreme popularity of Balenciaga and other retro inspired brands.

Utopian ideals

The other side of this trend will completely focus on checking out of the fashion system, idealizing a life off-grid and being self-sufficient. Spiritual inspiration and the ideal world make for an important part of this sub trend, decoding itself into an extreme obsession with nature and romance. Think of Maria Grazia Chiuri’s nymph like models at her debut show at Dior earlier this year or the Thom Browne spring 2018 show, featuring a gigantic unicorn and Michelin man fairies.

Both trends being complete opposites of each other brings along an eclectic use of materials. This means that glossy and excessive looks as well as simple natural pieces remain justified, as long as they make us happy.

Elias L. Doelman

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