How luxury brand closed the gap by collaborating with ‘streetwear’ brands

How luxury brand closed the gap by collaborating with ‘streetwear’ brands

Collaborations in the fashion industry between high & low are ideal. Popular labels build up the necessary fashion credibility, while luxury fashion brands reach a wider audience. Most of the time it’s a win-win for the two. Check below some of the most notable collaborations in luxury.

Louis Vuitton x Supreme
Probably one of the highest anticipated collaborations of this decade to say at least. The melt of Louis Vuitton and Supreme was with no doubt the most hyped collection of the new generation. Fans were lining up and spreading across several blocs outside the pop-up stores where the collection would hit the shelves. The global phenomenon that is Supreme featured a range of items printed with the beloved LV Monogram. The blend of luxury and high-end streetwear worked out good for both of them, pleasing millions of fans all over the globe.

Source: Louis Vuitton

Manolo Blahnik x Vetements
In the minds of the real fashionista’s, when we think Manolo Blahnik, we think Carrie Bradshaw. This brand was the gem of the Sex and the City character and widely loved by all who watched it. That’s why the collaboration between Manolo Blahnik and Vetements was a surprise to most of us. Debuted on the Paris Couture Week 2017, the collection is a mix of classis Manolo with graphic Vetements. Starting at a price point of $1525, the much-anticipated heels were sold out in minutes.

Source: Red Carpet Fashion Awards

Jimmy Choo x Off-White
Virgil Abloh, designer of his own fashion label Off-White, debuted a 9-piece shoe collection in collaboration with luxury brand Jimmy Choo during his Spring 2018 Paris runway show. Abloh’s ready-to-wear runway creations were complemented by elegant Jimmy Choo shoe designs composed of plastics, tulles and bold floral prints. “Creative dreams were fulfilled when [we were] able to combine the young exuberance of Off-White and the storied elegance of Jimmy Choo,” said Abloh in an official press release. The collaborations allows Jimmy Choo to delve in to a new pathway and take part in a different dialogue.

Source: Jimmy Choo

Stella McCartney x Adidas
Since 2005, Stella McCartney has been working with sportwear brand Adidas to deliver a collection of high-performance sportswear for women, including a wide range of disciplines. The collaboration between the two follow a program which aims to guide and encourage the creation of more sustainable products. The collaboration continued in 2018, where the brands launched a vegan version of the famous Stan Smith sneaker, composed of non-animal, natural leather.

Source: Stella McCartney