Alaïa: a legacy

Alaïa: a legacy

Last autumn the entire fashion world mourned the death of unconventional fashion designer Azzedine Alaïa. France lost an icon and many supermodels, designers and editors a dear friend. His great influence on fashion as a couturier as well as a person is undeniable. Here is what we learned from Mr. Alaïa.

Follow your own conventions

Probably one of his most striking traits was to completely ignore the compelling speed of fashion, paying no interest to fashion weeks or trends. Alaïa designs are the ultimate expression of timelessness and result of truly exquisite craftsmanship. He took as much time as he believed was needed to perfect a piece or collection. This combined with his unique vision and understanding of the women’s body made the wearer of a design look and feel the best the can.

Dare to Be bold

Whether it was his unshaken critic on the fashion industry or his feud’s with Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld (About whom he shared his unabashed opinions) he was never afraid to say what he felt and stand up for his own visions and values. Although this meant that he could make enemies as easily as friends it made him the person who actually sad out loud what others secretly thought of.

Although Azzedine Alaïa is deeply mist within fashion his influence will not be forgotten. Apart from his exquisite designs Alaïa thought us that you become an icon by going against the tide and following your own values, not by doing what others want you to do.

Elias L. Doelman

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