150th Birthday of Printemps Haussmann

150th Birthday of Printemps Haussmann


The Printemps is a French Department stores positioned mainly on fashion, luxury and beauty products. In 2015, the store celebrates his 150th birthday. It is the occasion to highlight their mascot: Rose (“Pink”), a little pink char10082009-le-printemps-fete-ses-150-ans-l-histoire-du-grand-magasinacter with a rose form

For this famous birthday Printemps organized du1865-2015-Le-Printemps-célèbre-ses-150-ans-Francis-Peyrat-x-Rebecca-Louise-LAWring all the year special events as a movie on the company or a giant choreography with all the Printemps staff.

Besides, all the store is embellished with flowers and giant roses bouquet. In the hall you can find a decoration dedicated to the city, Paris mixed with the identity of the Printemps. A giant mascot also stands in front of the store to welcome the clients and to enable them to take pictures.

Aurélie Glaudot