10 Timeless pieces

10 Timeless pieces

10 -4Skinny jeans give you the illusion of long, slim legs. They match with everything.

A simple white shirt is perfect for putting underneath your clothes when they are a bit see through. But it also looks good just on a pair of jeans.

Wear black pumps with something formal or with something casual, they will go with everything. They are chic, sexy and classy.

A pencil skirt can be formal at the office with pumps, but also casual with sneakers.

The Trench coat is an item that possibly will never go out of fashion. It is classic, chic and easily to combine with your outfit.

The little bla10-3ck dress is well-known for being a timeless piece. You can wear it to the office with a blazer and black pumps or you can add some statement necklaces, put on some stilettos and go to a party.

Button-up shirt are available in different models and fabrics so there is always one that will atch your body.

A blazer can make your outfit more dressed but also more special since there are many different models, colors and fabrics available.

Ballet flats are perfect when your feet are hurting from your heels and you want to change into something comfortable but still classy. They are easy to put in your bag for wherever and whenever you may need them.

Black dress pants make your look classic and will you give a power woman look with a pair of black pumps.












Melissa Niemeijer

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