The Burberry trench coat: from 1879 to 2015, the history of a masterpiece

The Burberry trench coat: from 1879 to 2015, the history of a masterpiece

Even tough Yves St Laurent created in 1962 has created the coat created for those rainy days, as we know it today, the British brand Burberry made it an iconic piece of its line.

Yes, Burberry created the trench coat. At first it was a military an officer, coat, designed for males created during WWI (1914) by Thomas Burberry. People have been seduced by Burberry’s creation because of the content of the product: resistant, classy, classic but fashionable, and of course waterproof. It is only in 1879 that the coat finds itself a perfect material: the gabardine.

The coat has been then seen as an iconic product when Hollywood used it to dress most of its actors, with the Burberry signature, synonym of prestige. Just like the denim or the suit, Haute Couture designers make the trench coat wearable for women, and they loved it.

The trench has been subjected to its first big revolution, not in term of colors, but of material and size, during the Punk movement in the 80’s. The declination of the piece was in leather, and very long.

Finally, since the last decade, designers like Jean-Paul Gauthier, Sonia Rykiel and Burberry of course, present more and more audacious and feminized versions of the coat, with metal, colors, patterns, and even lace.

This product has seen itself evolving trough the decades, but has always stayed the symbol of elegance and chicness, power and sobriety, for men and women, thanks to Burberry.Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 19.54.30



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