1.618 Sustainable Luxury

1.618 Sustainable Luxury


1.618 Sustainable Luxury is a unique event platform, on the border of several worlds: Creation, Art, Innovation, Luxury Goods ans Sustainable Development. The lifestyle event for the public, introduce exceptional quality products, innovative and virtuous. Conceived as an exhibition, 1.618 Sustainable Luxury is distinguished by its staging for diving into a creative and desirable universe.

It missions are:

Research and identify agents of change and promote innovation that create the future.

Provide global visibility to companies engaged and causes their meeting with the general public.

Encourage innovation and prospective considering sustainability by the challenge, the invention and fantasy.

Bring together a global network of those who find ways to build a new world.

Sensitize by Art for better awareness.

Transmit its expertise in Luxury, Creation, Innovation and Events.

Ensure that its actions are consistent with its values of Beauty, Design, Innovation & Sustainability in:

– Choosing partners in sustainable development.

– Setting up reporting tools for each year better.

– Achieving a carbon footprint of our eco-designed events.

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